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Screenshot of the 2018-19 Summative Technical Report.

…Learn More Basic Calculator A simple, easy-to-navigate, four-function calculator embedded in Grade 6 math assessments. Use the Basic Calculator Scientific Calculator The embedded calculator for Grades 7 and 8 math…

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Supports For Students and Families

Illustration drawing of student wearing headphones.

…cutting edge accessibility features. Students who are visually impaired or blind have the same opportunities as their peers to use online calculators. Visit: Smarter Balanced Calculators Visit: Smarter Balanced Calculators…

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Smarter Accessibility

Illustration drawing of a student in a wheelchair looking up at accessibility resources including headphones, a tablet, an open book, and a computer with a mouse.

…information, or try them out from the link below! ACCESSIBLE CALCULATORS Accessible Calculators What Are Accessibility Resources? Universal Tools A set of tools-such as a digital notepad and scratch paper-is…

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Ten Smarter Tools for Ten Years

Illustration of teachers sitting at a table talking with logos and Smarter Balanced tools floating around them.

…members states to access test questions from interim assessments, including Interim Comprehensive Assessments (ICAs), Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs), and Focused Interim Assessment Blocks (FIABs). Desmos Calculators – Smarter Balanced and Desmos are…

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Our History

Illustration drawing of parent and teacher sitting at a table talking about the Smarter Balanced Parent Guide.

…ONLINE CALCULATOR RELEASED Smarter Balanced offers an online calculator powered by Desmos that is both free to students and includes cutting edge accessibility features that enable students who are visually…

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Practice Tests and Sample Questions

Illustration drawing of a student working at a computer.

…Items website. Calculators Expand The following calculators are available for students to preview and practice with outside of the testing environment. Calculator for Grade 6 (Basic) Calculator for Grade 7…

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