Screenshot of Grade 5 Editing Playlist (first page)

Updated Connections Playlists

Renee Basick News

Grade 5 Editing Playlist (first page); Connections PLaylists are time-saving tools for teachers that provide a direct link between interim assessment blocks and Digital Library instructional resources, allowing teachers to quickly differentiate instruction.

Over 65 New Resources Added to Valuable Time-Saving Tools for Teachers

Educators recently gathered in Chicago for the State Network of Educators (SNE) Summer Workshop to collaborate on Digital Library resources. The outcome? The group updated Connections Playlists to add 65 new resources across 31 playlists! These playlists help teachers quickly find Digital Library resources based on their students’ performance on Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs), making them powerful time-saving tools for teachers. Digital Library resources are selected and organized based on the specific achievement categories for an IAB. There are a total of 108 Connections Playlists that focus on Mathematics and ELA/Literacy topics. Educators can use these connections to find relevant and useful instructional supports that are aligned to students’ needs.

I think it’s going to be so powerful. To be able to share Connections Playlists with confidence that the lessons and activities on there are aligned, they are well-thought out…it’s such a time-saver!”

– Aimee Konzen, Middle School ELA Teacher (Montana)

Within mathematics, 18 Playlists were updated, including “Operations and & Algebraic Thinking” (4th grade), “Expressions and Equations II” (8th Grade), and “Interpreting Functions” (High School). For ELA/Literacy, 13 Playlists were updated, including “Listen & Interpret” (4th Grade), “Editing” (5th Grade), and “Read Literary Text” (7th Grade). For a full list of updated Playlists, view the Updated Connections Playlists PDF, which includes a linked directory.

Browse all playlist topics by grade and subject and download samples from the Smarter Balanced Digital Library page. Register for your Digital Library Account (free for member state educators).