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Han Bao, Ph.D.

bpwalker Systems Design

Han Bao is the Assistant Director of Psychometrics at Smarter Balanced. Han has more than 7 years of experience in assessment design and development including conducting psychometric analyses such as IRT & CTT equating, IRT calibration and simulation studies, DIF …

Alexandria Chivers

bpwalker Technology Oversight

Alex is the Administrative Specialist for the Technology team. In this role, Alex organizes and coordinates meetings, manages schedules, and provides daily administrative support. Prior to joining Smarter Balanced, she worked as an Office Manager, implementing new advertisement systems, managing …

Hillary Hunter

Hillary Hunter

bpwalker Internal Operations

Hillary serves as executive assistant to Tony Alpert. As well as administrative support, Hillary is also responsible for coordinating the operational functions of the center, coordinating in-person meetings including managing meeting budgets, and cultivating relationships with service providers and key …

Gail Pagano

bpwalker Member Services

Gail is the Senior Director of Member Services and has over 40 years of experience in public education. In her current position, Gail is responsible for providing support to state department of education agencies in Smarter Balanced member states, and …

Shauna Stewart

bpwalker Content

Shauna serves as an Administrative Specialist for the Content Unit. She is responsible for coordinating Content-related events and meetings for item writing, item review, and State Network of Educators (SNE) workshops, among other events. Shauna supports virtual and in-person meetings …

Russ Wegfehrt

bpwalker Internal Operations

Russ serves as the director of strategic planning. Russ is responsible for building and maintaining a focused and sustainable program roadmap that will best serve the students, educators, and administrators of the Consortium’s member states. He is also responsible for …