The Digital Library

The Digital Library is an online collection of instructional and professional learning resources contributed by educators for educators.

The Digital Library contains nearly 3,000 resources that are aligned with the intent of the Common Core State Standards and help educators implement the formative assessment process to improve teaching and learning. The library is collaborative and interactive, allowing users to rate materials and share their expertise with other educators in online forums. Educators can use the Digital Library to find:

  1. Instructional resources which include ideas, activities, and lessons that can be infused into classroom instruction,
  2. Playlists which are collections of Instructional Resources that represent a progression in skills or understanding for a topic, and
  3. Professional Learning resources that focus on topics for educator professional development.

Download the Digital Library Factsheet for more information.

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The Digital Library is available to educators in subscribing member states and territories.

Created by Educators for Educators

What is Formative Assessment?

Using the Digital Library

Digital Library Playlists

A Playlist is a collection of resources in the Digital Library that address a progression in skills or understanding for a topic. They are created by carefully trained educators. There are three types of Playlists available to educators:

  • Instructional Playlists are collections of Digital Library instructional resources that center around content found on Smarter Balanced Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs).
  • Connections Playlists are a type of Instructional Playlist that are built based on student performance on Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs). Digital Library resources are selected and organized based on the specific achievement categories for an IAB. More information about Connections playlists is available below.
  • Professional Learning Playlists are collections of resources in the Digital Library that focus on educator professional development.

Learn more about Playlists from this flier.

Connections Playlists

Created by expert educators in collaboration with Smarter Balanced, Digital Library Connections link student performance on IABs to resources in the Digital Library. Educators can use these connections to find relevant and useful instructional supports that are aligned to students’ needs. Read more in this Digital Library Connections Overview (PDF), or explore the following playlists.