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Hilo, Hawaii

Teachers in Hilo, HI Reinforce Student Learning Using Smarter Balanced Tools

Smarter Balanced teaching resources empower educators at Waiakea Intermediate School in Hilo, Hawaii to align instruction to support students. Learn how the Digital Library and Interim Assessments help these teachers find ways to supplement their students’ learning.

Waiakea Intermediate School

Location: Hilo, Hawaii

District: Hawai’i Department of Education

Mission: Empower the academic and social excellence of every student by helping them grow as lifelong learners, and as collaborative contributors to our community and the world.

Interview Date: January 2019

“The digital library, the interim, and the summative are all built around the same standards and the same expectations. It’s an absolute resource that the teachers can use to align our instruction to support our students.”Liza Souza, Principal, Waiakea Intermediate School

Spotlight on Strategy

How are educators at Waiakea Intermediate School using Smarter Balanced formative assessment tools to really understand how to help their students?

  • Interim assessments allow teachers to understand their students’ strengths and new areas for growth.
  • Question-by-question feedback enable teachers to identify and reinforce the skills that need the most work.
  • Instructional resources empower teachers with ideas and resources to supplement their students learning in the areas that will have the most impact.

Meet the Star Educators

Interview Day: Behind the Scenes

  • Gayle Kamei, Title I STEM CoordinatorGayle Kamei uses the instructional resources to target the most critical areas of learning for her class.
  • Hwa Hee Sohn, TeacherHwa Hee Sohn uses performance data from the interims assessments to understand which skills to revisit.
  • Liza Souza, PrincipalLiza Souza embraces the assessments to continually push her students toward more successful outcomes and the skills to reach their goals.