Douglas County, Nevada

Interims Provide Douglas County, NV Teachers Real-time Data to Tailor Instruction

Douglas County educators recognized a need for teachers to get their hands on data about their students’ knowledge and skills in time to take action while kids were still in their classroom. How did they do this? By empowering teachers to use Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments! Educators are able to use Connections Playlists to link each student’s results to instructional next steps so they can tailor their approach and maximize learning potential.

Douglas County School District

Location: Douglas County, NV

Schools: Carson Valley Middle School, Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School

Mission: We will inspire, empower, and prepare each learner to achieve his/her life aspirations.

Interview Date: April 2019

“A formative assessment is probably one of the most important things a teacher can do in the classroom that lets them know if the instruction they’ve offered to students is working or not.”Teri White, Superintendent, Douglas County School District

Spotlight on Strategy

See how Douglas County schools build a more confident and prepared student population:

  • Data gathered from Interim Assessments inform future goals and academic planning.
  • Formative assessments not only provide feedback on student performance but allow teachers to evaluate their own work in the classroom.
  • Digital Library tools create customized lesson plans, meet students at their own levels, and helping them grow
  • Interim Assessments help educators identify which students are at, above, or below the standard. The Digital Library provides catered resources, no matter the level at which an individual is performing.

Meet the Star Educators

State Assessment Director, Nevada Department of Education
Superintendent, Douglas County School District
Professional Learning Facilitator, Douglas County School District
8th Grade Math Teacher, Carson Valley Middle School
6th Grade Teacher, Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School
7th Grade Math Teacher, Carson Valley Middle School