Billings, Montana

Explore how Teaching Teams in Billings, MT Leverage the Power of Interims

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in Billings, MT schools are coming together after giving interim assessments to engage in the formative process, collaboratively. These educators use the data to quickly (during recess!) identify gaps in student knowledge and then work to tailor instruction to boost learning in these areas.

Billings Public Schools

Location: Billings, MT

Schools: Bitterroot Elementary School and Eagle Cliffs Elementary

Mission: Billings Public Schools Community strives to inspire, educate, and empower students to be responsible and innovative global citizens who achieve their full potential.

Interview Date:April 2019

“What’s really exciting is that the more we continue to provide these interims for students, the more valuable information we’re going to have about our students learning.” Becky Berg, Instructional Math Coach, Billings Public Schools

Spotlight on Strategy

Discover how educators in the Billings Public School District use Smarter Balanced assessment tools to best serve their students growth:

  • Professional Learning Communities (PLC) allow educators to identify what students are struggling with across the school. Educators can then proactively and collaboratively address learning challenges together.
  • Connections Playlists provide educational resources for teachers based around learning standards. Playlists are built for students who are above, on, and below grade-level. Educators can teach for three different levels, addressing every student’s needs.
  • Cross-school collaboration allow educators to see what students understand or need help with from a district perspective. These patterns help determine what can be worked on in the big picture.

Meet the Star Educators

Interview Day: Behind the Scenes

  • Becky BergBecky Berg, Instructional Math Coach for the Billings Public Schools, says use of interims grew from an organic need for more information about students’ knowledge and skills.
  • Janae Welch Janae Welch explains that interims launch important conversations in her school’s PLC groups about how to fix holes in learning.