Impacting Instruction Across the U.S.

The Smarter Balanced video team traveled from sea to shining sea to learn how educators are using Smarter Balanced interim assessments and formative assessment resources in the Digital Library to enhance their instruction.

Laurel, Delaware

Go Bulldogs! Delaware’s North Laurel Elementary Inspires Student Success

Educators in Laurel, DE are thrilled to see big gains in their students’ learning over the past couple years. What’s their secret? (Besides wearing red to show school pride!) Teachers and district leaders agree that Smarter Balanced instructional supports were the missing ingredient in their recipe for success. Learn about the team and their strategy!

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Kerman, CAlifornia

What Does Empowerment Look Like? Meet Kerman, CA Educators using Formative Assessment Tools!

Smarter Balanced instructional supports are helping Kerman Unified School District educators differentiate instruction for students so each child receives the support they need to improve their learning. A big part of district-wide improvement is use of the formative assessment tools in the Smarter Balanced Digital Library, which is filled with time-saving teaching resources created by educators.

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Springfield, Vermont

Students in Springfield, VT Get Excited (and Confident) About Their Learning

Union Street Elementary teachers are using Smarter Balanced interim assessments for a powerful (and quick) look at student learning so they can adjust instruction in real time. Not only are students excited to see their own growth, but are so confident in their skills that they want to share their knowledge with fellow students at school-wide assemblies. Inspiring!

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Val Verde, CAlifornia

Val Verde Unified School District Is Including Their ‘Scholars’ In the Use of Interim Assessment Results

Educators in Val Verde, CA are finding that including scholars — how they refer to students — in their educational journey by sharing interim assessment results with them builds confidence and ownership. Using Smarter Balanced formative assessment resources in the Digital Library and instructional supports has given teachers the tools to shape their instruction based on each scholar’s achievement level. The sky is the limit!

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Spokane, WAshington

Digging into the Digital Library (and Student Achievement) at Centennial Middle School in Spokane, WA

What is more inspiring educators than to see their students excited about their own learning progress? Only seeing students get excited about each other’s work. Centennial Middle School educators have found using the Connections Playlists to connect each student with high-quality classroom activities that best match their skill level means they are doing important work that they enjoy.

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Lyme, Connecticut

First Steps Lead to Powerful Instructional Shift for Lyme Consolidated in Connecticut

Educators in Lyme, Connecticut took baby steps when it first came to integrating Smarter Balanced tools. That, along with dedicated instructional technology support, has led to successful integration of interim assessments, which give teachers actionable information about each student’s learning. As a result, educators feel they are better able to move students toward the ultimate goal of preparing them for college and a career.

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