4 Ways to Supercharge Learning with IABs

Renee Basick Features

Tips and Tricks for Using Interim Assessment Blocks in the Classroom

Interim Assessment Blocks are quick, flexible tools teachers can use with students as learning opportunities and to collect information about learning. Based on collaboration with, and feedback from, member state educators, here are the top four ways you can use IABs to give learning (and instruction) a boost:

Super Tip
Use #1 is not generally administered via computer, but Use #2, #3, and #4 provide students an opportunity to log in to the assessment portal and use the built-in accessibility tools, so there may be an added bonus depending on delivery method.
4 Ways to Use Interim Assessment Blocks in the Classroom Infographic


Webinar: Building Bridges One Block at a Time

Bonus! In November, the Smarter Balanced Instructional Supports team hosted a webinar called, “Building Bridges One Block at a Time” that focused on how educators can use the IABs in the classroom. The webinar was hosted by Amy Thierry, Director of Supports for Formative Assessment and included Joe Moran, South Dakota’s Assessment Specialist and Rebecca Bowers, an Education Program Consultant from California. Tune in to learn more from the experts!