Take the test.
Plan the rest.

Why take the Smarter Balanced test?

  • There's only one you.

    Smarter Balanced measures your progress on skills like problem solving and critical thinking—skills that you’ll need to use in the careers of today and tomorrow.

  • It's your future.

    Whether you plan to go to college or participate in an apprenticeship program, Smarter Balanced helps you know if you are on track, need extra help in high school or are ready to take on more challenging coursework before you graduate.

  • Get it started right.

    Success after high school has many paths. Your Smarter Balanced scores and your High School and Beyond Plan can help you find your path for more education, training, or a career. Complete a High School and Beyond Plan!

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Smarter Balanced tests—along with report cards, teacher feedback, and classroom work—help create a picture of your progress in school. Talking to your family, counselors, and teachers about your scores and goals after high school can help you plan a future filled with options.

How can I use my test scores?

Colleges and universities in these states use Smarter Balanced scores to determine if you’re ready to take courses for college credit—and skip the the remedial courses.

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