Ready WA Video Highlights State’s Bridge to College Program

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Ready Washington released a video on the state’s Bridge to College transition courses, which help to prepare students for success in college-level math and English language arts courses and avoid costly remedial classes. Ready Washington highlighted a group of seniors at Mariner High School in Everett. The seniors told Ready Washington that the courses they took this school year helped them build these skills and get ready for college.

Smarter Balanced high school scores help determine a student’s path for their senior year. If students receive a Level 2 on their high school Smarter Balanced tests, they can be placed into a Bridge to College course, which are available in 150 Washington state high schools. Students who earn a B or higher in these courses during their senior year and a Level 2 on their Smarter Balanced assessment can automatically enroll in college-level math and/or English at participating Washington higher education institutions, including the state’s 34 community and technical colleges.

Seven Smarter Balanced states have similar transition courses, which was covered by Education Week in October 2016. Also, students can use their high school scores at 256 colleges and universities in 10 states to avoid remedial coursework in college.

Watch the video and read the full story at and learn more about Bridge to College here.