EdSurge Talks Common Core Assessment with Smarter Balanced’s Tony Alpert

Smarter Balanced COO Tony Alpert discusses the design of the assessment system, the recently released minimum technology requirements, and plans for the upcoming Pilot Test in a recent interview with Edsurge.
“This will be the largest open-source adaptive testing platform that’s ever been administered at this level, and it will provide new capabilities for many states.”

“There will be a significant amount of opportunities for students to apply their knowledge in a constructed response way, rather than just filling out facts. Students are going to interact with the content on the screen utilizing tech-enhanced features like drag-and-drop and others that help them demonstrate the ability to analyze and organize. ”

“The pilots will start in late February, and we expect it to involve about 11% of the schools in our partner states. About a million students will take either a math or reading portion. Our goal is to try out innovative items and see what works. ”
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