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Explore, Interact With Sample Test Items on New Website

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Smarter Balanced has developed a new website that allows users to interact with test questions in a similar manner to that of a student taking a Smarter Balanced assessment.

Sample Items Home Page

Explore, interact with sample items

The new Sample Items website, organized by grade and subject, displays items and questions exactly as students encounter them on actual tests: fully interactive with a range of accessibility options.

The new Sample Items website is not intended to replace the Practice Test, which simulates an operational test. This new site simplifies how educators, parents and students can familiarize themselves with how items and questions are displayed and function on end-of-year English language arts (ELA) and math Smarter Balanced tests.

Users can engage with the full range of accessibility options available on the year-end test.

Teachers can also use the site to better understand how Smarter Balanced measures college and career ready content.

The Sample Items site features:

  • An interactive guide with descriptions and examples of the types of items used on Smarter Balanced assessments;
  • Search filters to quickly find items based on grade, subject, or item type;
  • Additional details for teachers, such as claims, targets, rubrics and scoring information;
  • Ability to share items with others (with accessibility options selected); and
  • Accessibility settings that are used on Smarter Balanced assessments.

Smarter Balanced tests are designed so that all students, including those who are learning English or have special needs, can participate in the tests and demonstrate what they know and can do. Our end-of-year tests include accessibility resources that address visual, auditory and physical access barriers. These resources will all soon be displayed and functional on the Sample Items website. Please watch for updates.

The site is available at