Ronan, Montana

Interim Assessment Results Spark Learning in the Classroom in Ronan, Montana

Educators are having powerful conversations about interim data at Ronan Middle School and it’s allowing teachers to target students’ learning right away. What’s the impact? It’s increasing student achievement and even helping the climate of the school! Learn more about their experiences using interims in the classroom.

Ronan Middle School

Location: Ronan, Montana

District: Ronan School District

Mission: Our mission is simple: to ensure that students are afforded equal access to fundamental business knowledge and skills and, therefore, an equal opportunity for success in life.

Interview Date: April 2019

“The fact that resource was created by other teachers gives it more credibility for me, as a teacher. I understand that they’ve tried them, they’ve seen gains, they’ve seen success, and so it’s first-hand experience.”Kristina Briney, 5th Grade English Teacher

Spotlight on Strategy

Ronan Middle School benefits from the Interim Assessments and Digital Library to fill gaps in learning and support students. See how educators are increasing student achievement:

  • Collective data allows educators to compare performance at the beginning of the year to performance after learning a specific topic. The results allow educators to address individual issues and topics that are challenging.
  • Focusing on specific questions that need to be addressed by individual students and the class as a whole allows for a customized education.
  • The Digital Library helps match teachers with specific resources tailored to individual student’s performance levels.

Meet the Star Educators

Principal, Ronan Middle School
5th Grade English Teacher, Ronan Middle School (MT)
8th Grade Math Teacher
6th Grade Math Teacher

Interview Day: Behind the Scenes

  • Sandra BealSandra Beal, Principal of Ronan Middle School discusses gains in learning during the interview.
  • Kristina BrineyKristina Briney, 5th Grade English Teacher at Ronan Middles School, says her students were extremely excited to see their results.