North Santiam, Oregon

Interims Level the Playing Field for Students in North Santiam School District

Three schools in North Santiam School District (OR) are piloting the use of Smarter Balanced interim assessments and are finding that the power of data is transforming instruction. Hear from teachers and leadership about their experience taking students from standards to college and career-ready.

North Santiam School District

Location: Stayton, Oregon

Schools: Stayton Intermediate School, Sublimity School

Motto: We Change Kids’ Lives

Interview Date: December, 2018

“The thing that I see working about the interim assessments is just putting tools into teachers hands that are going to provide opportunities for their students to be successful.”Michael Proctor, Principal, Stayton Intermediate School

Spotlight on Strategy

How are educators at in the North Santiam School District using Smarter Balanced formative assessment tools to really understand how to help their students?

  • A district-wide rollout of interim assessments allows different schools to collaborate and ensures that all students in the district have access to the same resources that will guide them toward success.
  • Immediate data from assessments allows educators to revaluate lesson plans based on student performance on a day-to-day basis.
  • Through formative assessments and district support, educators learn and improve their teaching together multiple times a year.

Meet the Star Educators

Interview Day: Behind the Scenes

  • Nicole Britton, 5th Grade TeacherNicole Britton first learned about interim assessments from a colleague at a different school. Now, she’s excited to be able to bring the assessments into her own school.
  • Nicole Duncan, ISST Assistant CoordinatorNicole Duncan loves that formative assessments help educators be more reflective with high quality data that moves kids from standards to career and college readiness.
  • Katelynn Ion, 5th Grade TeacherKatelynn Ion is most excited about having access to quick and meaningful data that supports her instruction.