Educators Meet for Math Rangefinding

Renee Basick Features

Team of teachers review and confirm score ranges during summer Rangefinding Workshop

Educators are involved in nearly every aspect of building Smarter Balanced assessment tools, from writing test items to setting score rubrics, to developing and vetting instructional resources. During the summer, a team of educators (math wizards!) met in Michigan for math rangefinding, an activity where educators reviewed student responses on field test items and worked together to perfect score range rubrics.

At a subsequent meeting, a different group of educators reviewed English language arts/literacy or math items to determine if the items are appropriate for inclusion in the Smarter Balanced item bank.

  • The math Rangefinding team of educators hard at work in Taylor, Michigan.
  • Only a really immense love for #math can evoke smiles like this! —Taylor, Michigan.
  • For the love of #math! — Taylor, Michigan.
  • Collaboration, team work, and lots of discussion among educators lead to ever improving assessment tools. —Taylor, Michigan.

Many thanks to the teachers who help build the Smarter Balanced high-quality assessment system!