Secure Browsers

Setting Industry Standards

Smarter Balanced Secure BrowserSmarter Balanced open source browsers support secure test-taking on Windows, Mac, iOS (iPad), ChromeOS (ChromeBook), and Linux. Smarter Balanced has developed these browsers to help standardize industry practice for secure test-taking and foster the use of the same secure browser across different testing systems from multiple vendors.

Secure Browser Downloads
Operating System  Browser Version Download
Mac OS X 8.1
Mac OS X 9.5
Mac OS X 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 10 Coming Soon
iOS 10 Coming Soon
ChromeOS 10
Linux 8.1
Linux 32-bit 10
Linux 64-bit 10

Ensure Compatibility

BIRT Screen Shot

Smarter Balanced Browser Implementation Readiness Tool (BIRT). Click the image to launch.

The secure browsers are accompanied by the Browser Implementation Readiness Tool (BIRT). BIRT is an open source tool for browser developers to verify browser compatibility with the Smarter Balanced Open Specification for Secure Browsers (OSSB), as well as a number of other protocols and specifications such as HTML5, CSS3, Text-to-Speech, Web Audio API for playback, and MediaStream Recording for recording.

Smarter Balanced provides an open specification so that schools will have a set of choices for secure browsers to be used with all of the available Test Delivery Systems employed for assessing student performance.

Protocol Specifications

In addition to the secure browsers and hosting the associated Browser Implementation Readiness Tool, Smarter Balanced is also publishing the Secure Browser Protocol Specifications. Download these specifications from GitHub using the following links: