Members and Governance

Smarter Balanced is led by its members. The consortium operates on a transparent, consensus-based governance structure. There are three tiers to membership: Governing members, Affiliate members, and non-members.

  • Governing members direct the organization, including policy decisions and approving budgets, and are fully committed to Smarter Balanced.
  • Affiliate members do not administer Smarter Balanced assessments. However, they may participate in work groups and provide guidance for the development of the assessment system.
  • Non-members pay the same fee to Smarter Balanced for a high quality assessment system, but without the privilege of governance. Read more about access to Smarter Balanced resources for non-members here. If your state or vendor is interested in using Smarter Balanced resources, please contact

Each state appoints K-12 and higher education leads to coordinate with the Consortium. An elected Executive Committee composed of member representatives provides day-to-day oversight and refers key matters to the full membership. Smarter Balanced works closely with state education chiefs and elected officials to ensure that the assessment system meets the needs of member states.

Executive Committee

The Smarter Balanced Executive Committee oversees the ongoing development and management of the assessment system and the Consortium’s finances. The Executive Committee is comprised of seven positions: Chair, Chair-Elect, Past-Chair, two At-Large K-12 positions, one Higher Education positions, and one Post-Secondary Careers position. Executive Committee members and chairs are elected by the Governing members.

Strategic Plan 2017-2022

During a yearlong process, consortium members identified opportunities for Smarter Balanced to maintain the quality of its assessment system while also looking to innovate and evolve in response to a changing education landscape. These insights informed the development of the Strategic Plan 2017-2022.

Download the Strategic Plan

Learn more about the Strategic Plan: