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Smarter Balanced states share a commitment to developing a next-generation assessment system aligned to the Common Core State Standards that provide educators with meaningful feedback and actionable data.


K-12 State Lead: Michelle Center , Smarter Balanced State Lead, California Department of Education
Higher Education Leads:
Monica Lin , Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions, University of California
Denise F. Noldon,Interim Vice Chancellor, Student Services and Special Programs Division, California Community Colleges
Beverly Young, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, California State University


K-12 State Lead: Gail Pagano, Education Consultant, Bureau of Assessment, Connecticut State Department of Education
Higher Education Lead:
Senan Hayes , Professor, Western Connecticut State University

Delaware *

K-12 State Lead: Carolyn Lazar, Interim Director, Office of Assessment, Delaware Department of Education
Higher Education Lead: Carol Vukelich, Professor, University of Delaware


K-12 State Lead: Patricia Reiss, Test Development Specialist, Hawaii State Department of Education
Higher Education Lead: Joanne Itano, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost, University of Hawaii


K-12 State Lead: Angela Hemingway, Director, Division of Assessment, Idaho State Department of Education
Higher Education Lead: Christopher Mathias, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer, Idaho State Board of Education


K-12 State Lead: Tom Deeter, Lead Consultant, Assessment, Evaluation, Accountability
Higher Education Lead: Diana Gonzalez, Chief Academic Officer, Board of Regents


K-12 State Lead: Charlene Tucker, Assessment and Accountability Team Coordinator, Maine Department of Education
Higher Education Lead: Katherine Yardley, Ph.D., Associate Provost, Dean of Education, University of Maine at Farmington


K-12 State Lead: Andrew Middlestead, Director, Office of Standards and Assessment, Michigan Department of Education
Higher Education Lead: Patty Farrell-Cole, Director, University Relations and Policy Research, Presidents Council, State Universities of Michigan,1607,7-140-22709—,00.html


K-12 State Lead: Michael Muenks, Coordinator of Curriculum and Assessment, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Higher Education Lead: Rusty Monhollon, Assistant Commissioner for Academic Affairs, Missouri Department of Higher Education


K-12 State Lead: Judy Snow, Director, State Assessment
Higher Education Lead: Neil Moisey, Interim Deputy Commissioner, Academic, Research, & Student Affairs, Montana University System


K-12 State Lead: Dave Brancamp, Assistant Director, Office of Standards and Instructional Support
Higher Education Lead: William Speer, Director of the UNLV Mathematics Learning Center and College of Education and Professor of Mathematics Education, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

New Hampshire*

K-12 State Lead: Scott Mantie, Consultant for Assessment and Accountability
Higher Education Lead: Julie Bernier, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Plymouth State University

North Carolina

K-12 State Lead: Tammy Howard, Director of Accountability Operations
Higher Education Lead: Alisa Chapman, Vice President for Academic and University Programs, University of North Carolina

North Dakota*

K-12 State Lead: Robert Bauer, Standards and Achievement, Assistant Director, Primary/Secondary Education Programs
Higher Education Lead: Sonia Cowen, Ph.D., Interim Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs, North Dakota University System


K-12 State Lead: Doug Kosty, Assistant Superintendent Assessment and Information
Higher Education Lead: Lisa Reynolds, Ph.D., Education Specialist, Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development

South Dakota*

K-12 State Lead: Jan Martin, Administrator of Assessment, South Dakota Department of Education
Higher Education Lead: Paul Turman, Ph.D., Vice President for Research and Economic Development, South Dakota Board of Regents

The Bureau of Indian Affairs*

K-12 State Lead: Charles Roessel ,Ph.D., Smarter Balanced State Lead, The Bureau of Indian Affairs

U.S. Virgin Islands*

K-12 State Lead: Alexandria Baltimore-Hookfin, State Assessment Director, Virgin Island Department of Education


K-12 State Lead: Frank Gerdeman, Director of Adult Education, High School Completion Program, Vermont Agency of Education
Higher Education Lead: Fayneese Miller, Dean, College of Education and Socials Services, University of Vermont


K-12 State Lead: Robin Munson, Assistant Superintendent, Assessment and Student Information
Higher Education Lead: Randy Spaulding, Director of Academic Affairs, Higher Education Coordinating Board

West Virginia*

K-12 State Lead: Vaughn Rhudy, Coordinator, Office of Assessment
Higher Education Lead: Corley Dennison,Vice Chancellor of State Colleges and Senior Director of Academic Affairs, West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission


K-12 State Lead: Troy Couillard, Director, Office of Student Assessment
Higher Education Lead: James Wollack, Associate Professor, Educational Psychology; Director, Testing & Evaluation Services and the University of Wisconsin Center for Placement Testing, University of Wisconsin


K-12 State Lead: Deb Lindsey, Director of Assessment, Wyoming Department of Education
Higher Education Lead: Jim Rose, Ed.D., Executive Director, Wyoming Community College Commission

*Denotes Governing Member

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