Smarter Balanced is a state-led consortium with a transparent, consensus-based governance structure. Members include Governing, Affiliate and Licensing members. The Regents of the University of California, Los Angeles oversees all financial procurement on behalf of Smarter Balanced.


Governing members are fully committed to Smarter Balanced and have a vote in policy decisions, while Affiliate members may participate in work groups and provide guidance for the development of the assessment system. License members use Smarter Balanced items and forms, but do not participate in policy discussions or oversight. Each state appoints K-12 and higher education leads to coordinate with the Consortium. State representatives direct the Executive Committee and participate in five Smarter Balanced work groups. Smarter Balanced works closely with state education chiefs and elected officials to ensure that the assessment system meets the needs of member states.


Member States

View a complete list of Governing, Affiliate, and License member states.


Executive Committee

The Smarter Balanced Executive Committee oversees the development of the assessment system and management of the Consortium’s funding. The Executive Committee is comprised of two co-chairs, four representatives from four separate Governing States, one representative from the Lead Procurement State (Washington), and two representatives from higher education. Executive Committee members and co-chairs are elected by the Governing States.



Deborah Sigman

Deputy Superintendent
Educational Services
Rocklin Unified School District

Co – Chair

Greg Gallagher

Director of Standards and Achievement
North Dakota Department of Public Instruction

Executive Committee Members

Frank Gerdeman

Director of Adult Education
Vermont Department of Education

Katherine Mahoney

Program Administrator, Workforce Education Division
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

Gail Pagano

Education Consultant
Connecticut State Department of Education

Patricia Reiss, Ph.D.

Test Development Specialist
Hawaii State Department of Education

Vaughn Rhudy, Ph.D.

Coordinator, Office of Assessment and Research
West Virginia Department of Education

Randy Spaulding, Ph.D.

Director of Academic Affairs and Policy
Washington Student Achievement Council

Beverly L. Young, Ph.D.

California State University System


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